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ArticleName Mining Institute of Kola scientific centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences: 50 years on the way of strengthening and developing
ArticleAuthor Melnikov N. N.
ArticleName Computer technology of engineering support of mining operations during development of deposits of hard mineral resources
ArticleAuthors Lukichev S. V., Nagovitsyn O. V.
ArticleName Features of combine development of deposits in different mining — geological and mining — technical conditions
ArticleAuthors Leont’ev A. A., Edigar’ev V. G.
ArticleName Experience of exploration and proposal of further development of Kovdorskiy phlogopite deposit
ArticleAuthors Busyrev V. M., Churkin O. E., Puchka V. D.
ArticleName Substantiation of constructions of stable pits sides in massifs of tectonically intensive rocks
ArticleAuthors Kozyrev A. A., Rybin V. V., Bilin A. L., Fokin V. A., Melik-Gaykazov I. V.
ArticleName The seismic effect of mass explosions in a quarry on underground mining excavations
ArticleAuthors Kozyrev S. A., Sokolov A. V., Zaporozhets V. Yu.
ArticleName Scientific and pilot-industrial substantiation of drilling and blasting technology in the conditions of development of the quarry of Kovdorsky mining and concentrating plant to the depth more than 800 m
ArticleAuthors Fokin V. A., Melikh-Gaykazov I. V., Togunov M. B., Shitov Yu. A.
ArticleName Innovation project of the deposit exploration in Oleniy Ruchey in Khibiny
ArticleAuthors Melnikov N. N., Fedorov S. G.
ArticleName Geodinamic safety during development of ore deposits in highly stressed massifs
ArticleAuthors Kozyrev A. A., Panin V. I., Svinin V. S.
ArticleName Extraction of zones with increased seismic hazard via the complex of prognostic criteria
ArticleAuthors Kozyrev A. A., Fedotova Yu. V., Zhuravleva O. G., Zvonar A. Yu., Zaporozhets V. Yu.
ArticleName Research of seismic activity introducing by sanctioned flooding of underground mine
ArticleAuthor Lovchikov A. V.
ArticleName Scientific-technical aspects of geodinamic safety of oil and gas objects of the western section of Russian Artic region
ArticleAuthors Melnikov N. N., Kalashnik A. I., Savchenko S. N., Kalashnik N. A.
ArticleName Research substantiation of constructive-layout solutions of underground storehouse for spent nuclear fuel
ArticleAuthors Melnikov N. N., Konukhin V. P., Naumov V. A., Gusak S. A.
ArticleName Engineering barriers for isolation of radioactive wastes in underground storehouse and burials
ArticleAuthors Konukhin V. P., Orlov A. O., Smirnov Yu. G.
ArticleName Safety of underground storehouse of radioactive materials
ArticleAuthors Amosov P. V., Naumov A. V., Novozhilov N. V.
ArticleName A part of exploitation factors in forming of rock massif condition for large span underground structures
ArticleAuthors Abramov N. N., Epimakhov Yu. A., Savel’ev V. V.
ArticleName Processes of water trearment at mining and concentrating enterprises
ArticleAuthors Gershenkop A. Sh., Evdokimova G. A., Brylyakov Yu. E., Mukhina T. N.
ArticleName Technology of processing out of balance micaceous ores
ArticleAuthors Gershenkop A. Sh., Khokhulya M. S.
ArticleName Development of new flotation reagents — the way of rising the efficiency of non-sulphide ores beneficiation
ArticleAuthors Ivanova V. A., Mitrofanova G. V.
ArticleName Research of efficiency of X-ray radiometric separation for low-sulfide platinum-metallic ores from Kola peninsula
ArticleAuthor Marchevskaya V. V.
ArticleName Development of beneficiation complex of Lavozersky mining and concentrating complex on the base of innovative solutions of ore preparation and beneficiation
ArticleAuthors Rakaev A. I., Borisov Yu. M., Chernousenko E. V., Morozova T. A., Alekseeva S. A.
ArticleName Prospects of development the phosphorus-containing mineral raw material base at OJSC “Kovdorkiy mining and concentrating complex”
ArticleAuthors Beloborodov V. I., Zakharova I. B., Andronov G. P., Filimonova N. M., Popovich V. F.
ArticleName Preservation and exploration of technogenic deposits of the Kola mining and industrial complex for widening of regional mineral raw materials base
ArticleAuthors Melnikov N. N., Ganza N. A., Mitrofanova G. V., Petrov A. A.
ArticleName Estimation of mineral-technological properties of stored wastes of beneficiation of apatite-nepheline ores
ArticleAuthors Ivanova V. A., Rukhlenko E. D.
ArticleName Experience of beneficiation of technogenic phosphorus-bearing raw materials at OJSC “Kovdorskiy mining processing plant”
ArticleAuthors Beloborodov V. I., Zakharova I. B., Andronov G. P., Filimonova N. M., Barmin I. S.
ArticleName Development of for preservation of technogenic deposits and improvement of environment condition on the example of Kola minning industrial complex
ArticleAuthors Ganza N. A., Mesyats S. P., Rumyantseva N. S., Volkova E. Yu., Bocharov A. N
ArticleName Methods of increase of industrial and ecological safety in opencast mining works
ArticleAuthors Mesyats S. P., Tarasov G. E., Melnikov N. N., Petrov A. A., In’kov V. N.
ArticleName Solution of the problem of waste water cleaning at industrial enterprises with removal of multi-component contaminants
ArticleAuthors Skorokhodov V. F., Mesyats S. P., Ostapenko S. P.
ArticleName Effective experience of science and education integration
ArticleAuthor Tereshchenko S. V.
Journals →  Gornyi Zhurnal →  2010 →  #9