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ArticleName Technology of processing out of balance micaceous ores
ArticleAuthor Gershenkop A. Sh., Khokhulya M. S.
The results of beneficiation of different types of small-size micaceous ores from Karelo-Kola region on the base of gravitation technology, envisaging extraction of concentrates with definite lump size via developed constructions of slit-type and hydraulic separators and other gravitation equipments have been presented. Developed technology provides processing of balance micaceous ores and their dumps, industrial types of vermiculite ores and phlogopite raw materials from Kovdorskiy deposit with mica extraction in the range of 60 to 70 %.
keywords Small-size micas, muscovy, phlogopite, vermiculite, coefficient of sphericity, free-fall speed, slit-type separator, hydraulic separator
Language of full-text russian
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