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ArticleName Substantiation of constructions of stable pits sides in massifs of tectonically intensive rocks
ArticleAuthor Kozyrev A. A., Rybin V. V., Bilin A. L., Fokin V. A., Melik-Gaykazov I. V.
Technique for geomechanical substantiation of stable parameters of sides and ledge of mining quarries at the hierarchically-block rock massifs have been presented on the results of the scientific-research and pilot-industrial operations. As well constructions of ledges and sides with increasing angles of slope, technologies of their locating in the final position, minimizing technogenic softening of peripheral massif have been shows.
keywords Stability of ledges and sides of quarries, designing of superdeep quarry, tectonically intensive rocks, vertical slopes of ledges, technology of drilling and blasting works in sub-boundary area, geomechanic substantiation
Language of full-text russian
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