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ArticleName Computer technology of engineering support of mining operations during development of deposits of hard mineral resources
ArticleAuthor Lukichev S. V., Nagovitsyn O. V.
Features of usage of computer technologies of ingeneering support at different steps of deposits development of deposits of hard mineral resources have been shown. Possibility of complex solution of the problems of geotechnology has been substantiated on the base of general data bases and unified program products line, based on the example of MINEFRAME automation system for designing, planning and accompanying of mining operations, developed by the Mining Institute of Kola scientific centre of Russian Academy of Science The problems, retaining time and scale of usage of information technologies in mining practice have been defined.
keywords Technology of ingineering support, geoinformation system (GIS), program complex, data base, MINEFRAME automatic system, simulation, steps of deposits development
Language of full-text russian
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