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The first article of this year is dedicated to ore preparation. Theanalytical review, prepared by the Chief Editor V.F. Baranov, describes main production equipment as well as design and spatial-layout solutions of the newest copper and copper-gold concentrating plants’ ore-preparation circuits, both operating, and being at design stage. Characteristic features of plants applying two competitive methods of ore-preparation: oresemiautogenous grinding (SAG) and grinding by high-pressure grinding rolls (HPGR), as well as problems arising in operation with application of the two methods, are considered.

Two more articles in this issue are also devoted to ore preparation — one publication is theoretical (the article by V.P. Malyshev et al.) and the other is of practical character (the article by А.N. Korovnikov et al.). The first article continues a series of articles of this group of authors, and is dedicated to ball millgrinding process kinetics. The second article describes the results of GST-72МТ screens full-scale testing in the “Apatit” ANOF-3 Concentrator ore-crushing section. The advantages of these screens over series-produced GIST-72 screens are shown.

The article by A.S. Kobzev is close to the above subject, mentioning the possibilities of radiometric methods of mineral separation, one of applications being large-batch sorting of minerals. The results of radiometric separation methods application for solution of various processing tasks are presented, and main problems of radiometric separation development in Russia are defined.

The article by S.A. Romanenko is devoted to new principles of flotation process laboratory studies by means of multi-sensor ionometry systems. Pulp electrochemical potential control by means of molybdenum electrode, employed together with laboratory studies’ results analysis by means of a neural network modeling method, permit to develop ore processing technology quickly and efficiently, and at minimal costs.

The article by A.V. Bauman describes the interesting experience in modernization of domestically produced radial thickeners. The author shows, that solutions of such problems as increase of clarification rate, solid phase thickening degree, area throughput rate, in many cases do not require cardinal renewal of equipment stock and are quite possible within available areas, and frequently with release of part of equipment from operation. By way of practical examples it is shown how to achieve a desired result under a specific-facility conditions, with minimal expenses and high efficiency.


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ArticleName Specialties of design-and-spatial-layout solutions and startup problems of modern concentrating plants ore-preparation circuits
ArticleAuthor Baranov V. F.

«Mekhanobr Engineering» JSC (Russia):

Baranov V. F., Deputy General Director for Prospective Projects, Doctor of Engineering, 

ArticleName Effect of chemical water composition upon the Vasilkovskoye deposit gold-bearing ore processing indices
ArticleAuthors Asonchik K. M., Kovkova T. M.

Mekhanobr Engineering JSC (Russia):

Asonchik K. M.,  Leading Researcher, Ph. D. in Technical Sciences,
Kovkova T. M., Senior Researcher

ArticleName Trends of development and problems related to sensor-based mineral sorting
ArticleAuthor Kobzev A. S.

IEEC (IMC Montan Group) (Russia):

Kobzev A. S., Chief Specialist on Mineral Raw Materials Processing, Ph. D. in Technical Siences

ArticleName Effectiveness of multisensor ionometry systems and neural network modeling methods application in flotation processes laboratory studies
ArticleAuthor Romanenko S. A.

Outotec (St. Petersburg, Russia):

Romanenko S. A., Leading Technologist,

ArticleName Radial and axial velocities of liquid in cylindrical hydrocyclone
ArticleAuthor Kapustin R. P.

Bryansk State Technological Academy of Engineering (Russia):

Kapustin R. P., Associate Professor, Ph. D. in Technical Sciences,

ArticleName Probabilistic model of wet grinding process in ball mill
ArticleAuthors Malyshev V. P., Turdukozhaeva A. M., Kaikenov D. A.

Chemical and Metallurgical Institute named after Zh. Abishev (Republic of Kazakhstan):

Malyshev V. P.,  Head of Laboratory, Doctor of Engineering,,

Turdukozhaeva A. M., Chief Researcher, Doctor of Engineering,

Karaganda State University named after E. A. Buketov (Republic of Kazakhstan):

Kaikenov D. A., Researcher

ArticleName Natural salts solutions density measurement by industrial refractometer
ArticleAuthors Artemyev V. V., Belov N. P., Rutkovskaya T. I., Smirnov A. V., Timofeev V. I., Yaskov A. D.

Technocon Ltd (Russia):

Artemyev V. V.,  General Director, Ph. D. in Technical Sciences, Associated Professor,

Smirnov A. V.,  Deputy General Director, Ph. D. in Technical Sciences,


Saint Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (Russia):
Belov N. P., Senior Researcher,

Yaskov A. D.,  Professor, Doctor of Engineering,


VNIIGalurgii (Russia):
Rutkovskaya T. I., Senior Researcher, Ph. D. in Technical Sciences

Timofeev V. I.,  Нead of Laboratory, Ph. D. in Technical Sciences,

ArticleName Hidden excesses and losses of valuable components at ore-dressing facilities
ArticleAuthors Kozin V. Z., Vodovozov K. A.

Ural State Mining University (Russia):

Kozin V. Z.,  Head of Chair, Doctor of Engineering, Professor,

Vodovozov K. A.,  Lecturer,

ArticleName An automated mineralogical analysis for beneficiation processes
ArticleAuthors Pankin A. V., Makavetskas A. R., Shekhirev D. V.

National University of Science and Technology «MISIS» (Russia):

Pankin A. V., Postgraduate, Engineer,

Makavetskas A. R., Senior Lecturer, Leading Engineer,
Shekhirev D. V., Head of a Chair, Associate Professor, Ph. D. in Technical Sciences,

ArticleName Upon modernization of domestically produced radial thickeners
ArticleAuthor Bauman A. V.

Gormashexport CJSC (Russia):

Bauman A. V., Deputy General Director on Scientific Work, Ph. D. in Technical Sciences,

ArticleName Experience of ore-preparation technology development in OAO «Apatit» with application of GST-72MT screens
ArticleAuthors Korovnikov А. N., Trofimov V. А., Kalugin A. I.

REC «Mekhanobrtekhnika» (CJSC) (Russia):

Korovnikov А. N.,  Director on Sales of Equipment for Nonmetallic materials Processing, Ph. D. in Technical Sciences,
Trofimov V. А.,  Chief Trend Designer,

OAO «Apatit» (Russia):

Kalugin A. I., Deputy Technical Director — Chief Technologist 

ArticleName Advertisments
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