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ArticleName Trends of development and problems related to sensor-based mineral sorting
ArticleAuthor Kobzev A. S.

IEEC (IMC Montan Group) (Russia):

Kobzev A. S., Chief Specialist on Mineral Raw Materials Processing, Ph. D. in Technical Siences


The article presents a review of preliminary beneficiation technology of mineral raw materials — sensor-based mineral sorting. Main trends of sensor-based sorting are defined, the equipment operation principle is described. The history of development of sensor-based sorting meth ods is briefly reviewed. Processing tasks are presented, that may be solved by application of preliminary beneficiation technology, based on sensor-based sorting. The results of sensorbased sorting application for solution of various processing tasks are presented. An effect, achieved through introduction of these beneficiation methods in mineral raw materials beneficiation technology, is noted. Main problems of sensor-based sorting development in Russia are defined.

keywords Preliminary beneficiation, sensor-based sorting methods, sensor-based sorting, large-batch sorting, raw materials grade control

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