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ArticleName Upon modernization of domestically produced radial thickeners
ArticleAuthor Bauman A. V.

Gormashexport CJSC (Russia):

Bauman A. V., Deputy General Director on Scientific Work, Ph. D. in Technical Sciences,


Possibilities of bottlenecks elimination in the operating ore-dressing plants' return water and thickening systems through the existing processes and equipment modernization and optimization in compliance with the current production tasks, are considered. It is shown, that solutions of such problems as increase of clarification rate, solid phase thickening degree, area throughput rate, in two thirds of cases do not require cardinal renewal of equipment stock and is quite possible within available areas, and frequently with release of part of equipment from operation. The existing operation modernization tasks require integrated solutions of both design and technological character on the basis of system approach to production processes. Three main trends in modernization and optimization of radial thickeners operation have been distinguished: 1) design alterations by means of unique feed chutes, slime removal system as well as feed and flocculant supply system installation; 2) thin-layer thickening units application; 3) preliminary separation of part of solid phase from feed slurry by means of screens, deslimers or hydrocyclones. By way of practical examples it is shown how, using the proposed approach to modernization, to achieve a desired result under a specific-facility conditions, with minimal expenses and high efficiency.

keywords Thickening, return water system, slime, radial thickener, high-rate thickener, thin-layer thickening, modernization, flocculant

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