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The 9th issue of “Chernye Metally” journal (2017) contains the most of its conventional sections. It is opened, as usual, by the section “Iron and steel news of the world” and “News of metallurgical companies”.


«Steelmaking” section includes three articles. “Primetals Technologies” presents the prospect of complete automation facilities in electric steelmaking shops.

“Danieli”, another important manufacturer of metallurgical equipment, describes metal refining and vacuum degassing systems for EAF furnace at the Acciaierie Bertoli Safau works in Udine region. The authors from “Deutsche Edelstahlwerke” observed their innovations in ingot casting from high-clean steels at Siegen and Witten plants.


E. Goli-Oglu from “NLMK DanSteel” displayed the results of his investigations of micro- and nanostructural uniformity in 150-mm thick heavy plates with improved atmospheric corrosion resistance than is especially actual for bridge building.


Another publication in the section “Metal science and metallography” is devoted to damage-resistant dual-phase steels.


The section “Rolling and other metal forming processes” is opened by the report from the conference on innovative technological simulation of flat rolling processes. Simulation of metal microstructure and properties in bar and rod rolling us also the theme of research of L. Chabby from “Swiss Steel”. Another “Danieli” publication describes the company's concept of optimization of Steckel mill operation. U. Schneppe from “Hoesch Hohenlimburg” examined in his paper technological and digital networks for management of hot rolling mill at hagen plant.


The last section “Tubemaking” contains four articles, three of them are written by Russian specialists from Chelyabinsk and Moscow.


They cover features of tube billet cross section management in roll forming, technological improvements in manufacture of seamless bimetallic tubes for nuclear industry and billet stepwise forming during production of large-diameter electric-welded pipes.


You may find below more details about the issue or book printed or electronic version of the journal.

ArticleName Iron and Steel News of the World
News of Metallurgical Companies
ArticleName Development of special steels production
ArticleAuthor C. Iller

Schmolz + Bickenbach (Düsseldorf, Germany):

Iller C., CEO, e-mail:

ArticleName Cutting dust emissions by Aumund Fordertechnik owing to hopper-bottom discharge rail truck
Source Aumund Fördertechnik GmbH
ArticleName High-quality sheet billets of voestalpine for lightweight automotive components
Source voestalpine
ArticleName On-line monitoring of sulphuric acid concentration using Liquisonic analyzer
Source Sensotech GmbH
ArticleName Infrared pyrometer with new IO-Link interface is presented by Keller HCW
Source Keller HCW GmbH
Steel making
ArticleName The concept of complete automation for electric steelmaking shops
ArticleAuthors J. Luckhoff, J. Apfel, J. Buttler

Primetals Technologies Germany (Willstätt, Germany):

Lückhoff J., former employee
Apfel J., e-mail:


Primetals Technologies USA LLC (Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, USA):
Buttler J.

ArticleName Thermal measurements during melting and ladle metallurgy in electric steelmaking using neural network technique
ArticleAuthors F. Bianco, V. Dimitrijevic, M. Piazza, A. Spadaccini, R. Turco

Danieli & C. Officine Mecchaniche S.p.A. (Buttrio, Italy):

Bianco F., Danieli R & D, e-mail:
Dimitrijevic V., Danieli R & D


Danieli Automation (Buttrio, Italy)
Piazza M.


Acciaierie Bertoli Safau (Pozzuolo del Friuli, Italy)
Spadaccini A.

Turco R.

ArticleName Deutsche Edelstahlwerke develops ingot casting from steel with increased cleanness
ArticleAuthors H.-P. Jung, J. Schulz

Deutsche Edelstahlwerke GmbH (Siegen, Germany):

Jung H.-P., Mag. Eng., Head of the Process Development Direction, Electric Slag Remelting


Deutsche Edelstahlwerke GmbH (Witten, Germany):
Schulz J., Mag. Eng., Head of the Ingot Casting Direction, Shop of Finishing, e-mail:

Metal science and metallography
ArticleName Micro- and nanostructural uniformity of 150 mm thick structural heavy plates of microalloyed steel with improved atmospheric corrosion resistance for bridge building
ArticleAuthor E. A. Goli-Oglu

NLMK Dansteel A/S (Fredriksvaerk, Denmark):

Goli-Oglu E. A., Cand. Eng., Chief Technologist, e-mail:

ArticleName Development of damage-resistant dual-phase steels
ArticleAuthors D. Ponge, M. Diehl, F. Archie, S. Zaefferer, F. Roters, D. Raabe

Institut für Eisenforschung GmbH (Düsseldorf, Germany):

Ponge D., e-mail:

Diehl M.

Archie F.
Zaefferer S.

Roters F.

Raabe D.

Rolling and metal forming
ArticleName Innovative technological models for optimization of flat rolling
ArticleAuthor E. Lange

Düsseldorf, Germany:

Lange E., Technical journalist, e-mail:

ArticleName Danieli concept of rising operating and technological properties for the Steckel mill
ArticleAuthors E. Zambon, M. R. Bulfone

Danieli & C. S.p.A. (Buttrio, Italy):

Zambon E., Product Manager, e-mail:
Bulfone M. R., Vice President of Danieli Wean United

ArticleName Technological and digital networks for management of hot rolling mill in Hagen
ArticleAuthor U. Schneppe

Hoesch Hohenlimburg GmbH (Hagen, Germany):

Schneppe U., Mag. Inform., Head of Information Dept., e-mail:

ArticleName Simulation of microstructure and mechanical properties in section rolling
ArticleAuthor L. Chabbi

Swiss Steel AG (Emmenbrücke, Switzerland):

Chabbi L., Dr. Eng., R & D Manager, e-mail:

ArticleName Features of roll forming in tube billet production
ArticleAuthor V. G. Ilyichev

All-Russian Scientific and Research Institute of Tube Industry — RosNITI (Chelyabinsk, Russia):

Ilyichev V. G., Cand. Eng., Associate Prof., Head of Laboratory of Large Diameter Tubes, e-mail:

ArticleName Improvement of the technology of bimetallic seamless tube production for pipelines of nuclear energy plants
ArticleAuthors A. I. Komarov, V. Ya. Osadchiy, K. N. Nikitin, A. V. Safyanov, A. P. Kolikov

Chelyabinsk Pipe Rolling Plant (Chelyabinsk, Russia)

Komarov A. I., Advisor of Chairman of the Board
Nikitin K. N., Technical Director
Safyanov A. V., Cand. Eng., Technologist of Production Technological Dept., e-mail:


Moscow Technological University (Moscow, Russia):
Osadchiy V. Ya., Dr. Eng., Prof., Advisor of General Director


National University of Science and Technology “MISiS” (Moscow, Russia):

Kolikov A. P., Dr. Eng., Prof.

ArticleName Research of technological parameters of billet stepwise forming in production of large diameter tubes at tube electric pipe welded line TESA 1420
ArticleAuthors S. V. Samusev, G. P. Zhigulev, M. M. Skripalenko, V. A. Fadeev

National University of Science and Technology “MISiS” (Moscow, Russia):

Samusev S. V., Dr. Eng., Prof., Metal Forming Chair, e-mail:
Zhigulev G. P., Cand. Eng., Associate Prof., Metal Forming Chair, e-mail:
Skripalenko M. M., Cand. Eng., Associate Prof., Metal Forming Chair
Fadeev V. A., Assistant, Metal Forming Chair

ArticleName Growth in the production of steel pipes in Europe despite global trends
Our Anniversaries
ArticleName 75th anniversary of Alexander Alexandrovich Bogatov
ArticleName 75th anniversary of Nikolai Nikolayevich Gugis
ArticleName +Alexey Vladimirovich Zimin
ArticleName +Ivan Filippovich Kurunov
ArticleName +Igor Pavlovich Ilyichev
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