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ArticleName Features of roll forming in tube billet production
ArticleAuthor V. G. Ilyichev

All-Russian Scientific and Research Institute of Tube Industry — RosNITI (Chelyabinsk, Russia):

Ilyichev V. G., Cand. Eng., Associate Prof., Head of Laboratory of Large Diameter Tubes, e-mail:


The article observes the featured of roll forming of tube billet perimeter geometry and creation of local sections of equidistance violation between cross section shape and circumference of this billet. The technological approaches allowing to prevent forming of anomalous sections, to minimize local defects of shape geometry and, respectively, to provide the most favourable conditions for quality improvement of finished products are suggested. These approaches have been developed on the base of complex analysis of the mechanism of forming operations in the conditions of TRB process for large diameter tubemaking. The results of simulation confirm efficiency of taken solutions. The conducted investigations testify about possibility of control and management on tube billet cross section shape.

keywords Tube billets, deviations, cross section, shape, perimeter, roll forming, bending, equidistance, TRB process

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