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Rolling and metal forming
ArticleName Simulation of microstructure and mechanical properties in section rolling
ArticleAuthor L. Chabbi

Swiss Steel AG (Emmenbrücke, Switzerland):

Chabbi L., Dr. Eng., R & D Manager, e-mail:


Swiss Steel AG, in cooperation with Georgsmarienhütte GmbH and other partners, has developed a software tool simulating the rolling process from the preheating furnace to the finished long steel product. This original software of Swiss Steel AG and Georgsmarienhütte GmbH can provide simulation of structural properties of rolled products along the whole technological line from heating to cooling. The software is available for any configuration of section rolling mills. Simulation is conducted in 3-D mode and includes all structural and deformation processes for whole cross section of metal semiproduct and finished products. The characteristics, the special features and the operating experiences during software validation are demonstrated. The program’s potential to solve practical problems and to support new developments will be illustrated and discussed on the basis of specifi c examples. This program can be used for accumulation of know-how and for development of new rolling technologies and rolled products, as well as for planning and control of product quality.

keywords Simulation, temperature, hot rolling, microstructure, mechanical properties, rolling mills, bars, sections, wire rod, software, program

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