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Obogashchenie Rud

A number of publications in this issue are devoted to the problems of man-causedwaste mineral materialsutilization.


In particular, with regard to man-causedwaste manganese-containing materials, the methods ofhydrometallurgical treatment with application ofreducers are proposed as an alternative to roasting, which producesdetrimental effect on theenvironment (the article by N. S. Bekturganov, et al.).

Promising alternative methods for aged pyrite-containing tailings beneficiation are considered with the view of gold recovery (the article by A. V. Bogdanovich, et al.).


A method of all-round utilization of tungsten production waste materials, permitting to recover secondary tungsten raw material and mineral concrete admixture, is presented (the article by S. I. Yevdokimov and V. S. Yevdokimov).


On the basis of laboratory studies and theoretical calculations, it has been established thatcellular glass aggregates for light-weight concretes may be produced from granite fine-dispersed size fractions and granite screenings (the article by V. А. Kutolin, et al.).

A process has been developed with a view to involve difficult-to-treat wastepit-run fines into production, through application of special screening principals with respect tooutsize fine fractions, and applying vibro-impulse action with respect to crushed material, providing for production of high-gradebroken stone of 5-10 mm size (the article by P. А. Spiridonov and O. V. Zakharenko).

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ArticleName Review of software tools for modeling and calculation of ore preparation flowsheets
ArticleAuthors Taranov V. A., Baranov V. F., Aleksandrova T. N.

Mekhanobr Engineering JSC (Russia):

Taranov V. A., Engineer

Baranov V. F., Deputy General Director for Prospective Projects, Doctor of Engineering 

E-mail (common): 


National Mineral Resources University (Russia):

Aleksandrova T. N., Professor, Doctor of Engineering

ArticleName Development of flowcharts for recovery of platinum from dunites of Platinum belt of Urals
ArticleAuthors Kozlov A. P., Matveeva T. N., Tolstykh N. D., Fedotov K. V., Chanturiya V. A.

Institute of Comprehensive Exploitation of Mineral Resources of RAS (Russia):

Kozlov A. P., Deputy Director on Scientific Work, Doctor of Engineering,,

Matveeva T. N., Head of Laboratory, Doctor of Engineering

Chanturiya V. A., Chief Researcher, Member of RAS


Institute of Geology and Mineralogy of Siberian Branch of RAS (Russia):

Tolstykh N. D., Leading Researcher, Doctor of Geology and Mineralogy


TOMS (Russia):

Fedotov K. V., General Director, Doctor of Engineering

ArticleName Determination of effective energy of activation, period of semi-grinding and grinding entropy in context of probabilistic theory of process
ArticleAuthors Malyshev V. P., Turdukozhayeva A. M.

Ural State Mining University (Russia):

Malyshev V. P., Head of Laboratory, Doctor of Engineering, Professor

Turdukozhayeva A. M., Chief Researcher, Doctor of Engineering, Professor

E-mail (common):

ArticleName Assessment of admissible imbalance in commercial stock of concentrating mill
ArticleAuthors Kozin V. Z., Vodovozov K. A.

Ural State Mining University (Russia):

Kozin V. Z., Head of Chair, Doctor of Engineering, Professor,

Vodovozov K. A., Lecturer,

ArticleName Calculation of drying and dedusting capacity of aerated vibration fluidized bed plant for screen oversize of crushed ballast
ArticleAuthors Sizikov S. A., Vyatkin G. M., Sizikov V. S., Shuloyakov A. D.

NIPKB Stroitehnika CJSC (Russia):

Sizikov S. A., General Director, Ph. D. in Technical Sciences

Vyatkin G. M., Deputy General Director

Sizikov V. S., Junior Researcher

E-mail (common): 


Interstroyproekt (Russia):

Shuloyakov A. D., General Director, Ph. D. in Technical Sciences,

ArticleName Processing of tungsten-containing tailing cakes
ArticleAuthors Yevdokimov S. I., Yevdokimov V. S.

North-Caucasian Mining and Metallurgical Institute (State Technological University) (Russia):

Yevdokimov S. I., Associate Professor, Ph. D. in Technical Sciences,

Yevdokimov V. S., Bachelor,

ArticleName Study of techniques for chemical processing of industrial manganese ore
ArticleAuthors Bekturganov N. S., Abdykirova G. Zh., Tanekeeva M. Sh., Toylanbay G. A., Sydykov A. Ye.

Center of Earth Sciences, Metallurgy and Ore Benefication, National Scientific-Technological Holding «Parasat» (Republic of Kazakhstan),

Bekturganov N. S., Scientific Consultant of National Scientific-Technological Holding «Parasat», Doctor of Engineering

Abdykirova G. Zh., Leading Researcher, Ph. D. in Technical Sciences

Tanekeeva M. Sh., Researcher

Toylanbay G. A., Leading Engineer
Sydykov A. Ye., First Category Engeneer

E-mail (common):

ArticleName Recovery of gold from old tails of copper-zinc pyrite ores
ArticleAuthors Bogdanovich A. V., Vasilyev A. M., Shneerson Ya. M., Pleshkov M. A.

Mekhanobr Engineering JSC (Russia):

Bogdanovich A. V., Deputy Head of Department, Doctor of Engineering

Vasilyev A. M., Researcher, Ph. D. in Technical Sciences

E-mail (common):


Scientific and Research Centre «Gidrometallurgiya» (Russia):

Shneerson Ya. M., General Director, Doctor of Engineering

Pleshkov M. A., Leading Researcher, Ph. D. in Technical Sciences

ArticleName Physical and chemical methods of production of aggregate from fine solid minerals for lightweight concrete
ArticleAuthors Kutolin V. A., Shuloyakov A. D., Shirokikh V. A.

Interstroyproekt CISC (Russia):

Kutolin V. A., Production Manager, Doctor of Geology and Mineralogy

Shuloyakov A. D.,  General Director, Ph. D. in Technical Sciences,

E-mail (common):


Institute of Geology, Siberian Branch of RAS (Russia): 

Shirokikh V. A., Leading Engineer

ArticleName Development of flowsheet for production of ballast from refractory wastes
ArticleAuthors Spiridonov P. A., Zakharenko O. V.

Interstroyproekt CISC (Russia):

Spiridonov P. A., Engineer

Zakharenko O. V., Deputy General Director

E-mail (common):

ArticleName 75th birthday of Valentin A. Chanturiya
ArticleName Rules of submission of articles for publication in the «Obogashchenie Rud» journal
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