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The section “Processing Technology” offers an interesting review of the main trends in iron ores preparation and processing equipment and technologies development in Russia and abroad (V.F. Baranov et al.). The 15 latest projects of foreign iron ore concentrating plants are assessed. Certain process solutions with regard to ore preparation, concentration, final tailings thickening, etc., are considered. The processing stage engineering performance standards of the Russian Mining Complexes located in the Northwestern Federal District and inthe Kursk Regionmagnetic anomaly area are assessed. The necessity of a comprehensive technological and engineering modernization of the industry with consideration of the world trends in designing and taking into account the implementation and experience of the complete “ore-metal” cycle at the OAO Lebedinsky Mining Complexwas shown.

One more article in this section is also devoted to iron ores processing. The authors (V.Yu. Koltsov et al.) suggest an effective method for magnesium removal from the Bakalskoye deposit sideroplesite ores. Application of solid-phase sulphatisation with subsequent roasted product leaching by water permits to obtain concentrate containing 60 % iron, removing over 85 % of magnesium from this concentrate.


The section “Beneficiation processes” considers an application of a new reagent BTF-161SK, a modification of butyl aerofloat, inthe difficultly-treated and complex Zhdanovskoye deposit cupreous ores flotation(V.I. Maksimov et al.). Reagent BTF-161SK, in contrast to butyl aerofloat, possesses good frothing properties, also in cleaning operations, providing for metals recovery and flotation process rate increase. Conditions of the reagent dosing into the process were determined.


The section “Analytical Methods” considers grinding processacoustic monitoring principles by way of examples of the laboratory and commercial jet mills operational acoustic parameters (L.Zh. Gorobets et al.). The performed acoustic study permitted to propose mill operation optimality control algorithm. The establishedregularities will form the basis of operation control system for jet grinding installations, designed to produce micron-size powders fromgranular solid materials.


The article by L.A. Vaisberg et al. in the section “Technological Mineralogy” is essentially methodical. It is noted, that an information-bearing characteristic, relating rock strength with its internal structure factors, is porosity. Pore space structure of gneissogranite, used for production of crushed stone for construction purposes, was studied by the computed tomography method (X-ray micro-CT). It was established, that rock pore space structure changes in disintegration.


The environmental themes of this issue are represented in the article by Ye.A. Alekseeva et al., dedicated to a method of mineral processing facilities’ effluents and liquid waste purification – membrane filtration. It is noted, that this method of purification increasingly becomes of current concern, and in addition to this, the problems that hinder a wider application of membrane filtration technology are described; one of them being a decrease of filtration rate due tomembrane fouling andphenomenon ofpolarization. The methods that are used inindustrial practice with a view to decrease membrane fouling are described, among them are a correct choice of membrane type. The method for membrane surface modification withtitanium dioxide is described.


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ArticleName The experience of inertia crushers KID application in consolidating stowing mixes preparation technology
ArticleAuthors Kvitka V. V., Arsentyev V. А., Radchenko D. N., Eks V. V., Zverev A. P.

REC «Mekhanobr-tekhnika» (Russia):

Kvitka V. V., Regional Director, Doctor of Engineering,
Arsentyev V. А., Research and Development Director, Doctor of Engineering,,


IPKON RAN — Institute of Comprehensive Exploitation of Mineral Resources of Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia):

Radchenko D. N., Senior Researcher, Ph. D. in Technical Sciences,

Eks V. V., Junior Researcher


Uchalinskiy GOK (Russia):
Zverev A. P., Mining Engineer,

ArticleName A study of ball mill liner plates wear at the Talnakh Concentrator
ArticleAuthors Malyarov P. V., Sysoyev N. I., Sklyarov Ye. V.

«Resurs» Ltd, South Russian State Technical University (Novocherkassk Polytechnic Institute) (Russia):

Malyarov P. V., General Director, Doctor of Engineering, Professor,


South Russian State Technical University (Novocherkassk Polytechnic Institute) (Russia):
Sysoyev N. I., Head of Chair, Doctor of Engineering, Professor,


«Resurs» Ltd, South Russian State Technical University (Novocherkassk Polytechnic Institute) (Russia):
Sklyarov Ye. V., Researcher, Postgraduate

ArticleName Current trends in magnetite iron ores processing technology. Basic trends
ArticleAuthors Baranov V. F., Patkovskaya N. А., Tasina Т. I.

Mekhanobr Engineering JSC (Russia):

Baranov V. F., Deputy General Director for Prospective Projects, Doctor of Engineering,
Patkovskaya N. А., Chief Specialist, Ph. D. in Technical Sciences,
Tasina Т. I., Senior Researcher, 
E-mail (common):

ArticleName A technology for magnesium removal from the Bakalskoye deposit ores
ArticleAuthors Koltsov V. Yu., Kuznetsov I. V., Velichkina N. S., Yudina T. B.

JSC «Scientific Research Institute of Chemical Technology» (Russia):

Koltsov V. Yu., Chief of Department, Ph. D. in Technical Sciences,
Kuznetsov I. V., Reseacher,
Velichkina N. S., First Category Engineer,
Yudina T. B., Leading Reseacher, Ph. D. in Technical Sciences,

ArticleName BTF-161SK reagent application in copper-nickel ores flotation
ArticleAuthors Maksimov V. I., Ryaboy V. I., Korolyeva Ye.V.

Gipronickel Institute (Russia):

Maksimov V. I., Head of Laboratory


Mekhanobr-Orgsintez-Reagent JSC (Russia):

Ryaboy V. I., General Director, Doctor of Engineering,,


Gipronickel Institute (Russia):
Korolyeva Ye.V., Senior Researcher, Ph. D. in Technical Sciences

ArticleName Laboratory check of a new kinetic model of grinding
ArticleAuthors Karimova L. M., Zhumashev K. Zh., Kayralapov Ye. T.

RCIT LLP KazGidroMed (Republic of Kazakhstan):

Karimova L. M., Leading Researcher, Ph. D. in Chemical Sciences,


RCIT LLP KazGidroMed (Republic of Kazakhstan); Director, Innovatsiya Ltd (Republic of Kazakhstan):

Zhumashev K. Zh., Specialist on Hydrometallurgy, Doctor in Engineering


RCIT LLP KazGidroMed (Republic of Kazakhstan):
Kayralapov Ye. T., Research Engineer

ArticleName Jet grinding process acoustic study method
ArticleAuthors Gorobets L. Zh., Bovenko V. N., Pryadko N. S.

National Mining University (Ukraine):

Gorobets L. Zh., Professor, Doctor of Engineering

Moscow State Technical University named after N. E. Bauman (Russia):

Bovenko V. N., Professor, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences


Institute of Technical Mechanics of National Academy of Sciences and National Space Agency of Ukraine:
Pryadko N. S., Senior Researcher, Ph. D. in Technical Sciences,

ArticleName Gneissogranite pore space structure study by the X-ray tomography method
ArticleAuthors Vaisberg L. A., Kameneva Ye. Ye., Pimenov Yu. G., Sokolov D. I.

REC «Mekhanobrtekhnika» (Russia):

Vaisberg L. A., Scientific Advisor of the Company, Corresponding member of RAS, Doctor of Engineering, Professor

Petrozavodsk State University (Russia):
Kameneva Ye. Ye., Associated Professor, Head of Laboratory, Ph. D. in Technical Sciences,

University of Oil and Gas (Russia):
Pimenov Yu. G., Leading Researcher, Ph. D. in Geology and Mineralogy, Gubkin Russian State 
Sokolov D. I., Researcher

ArticleName A study of an experimental device, designed for the purpose of cubeshaped product increase in crushed stone production
ArticleAuthors Vasilkov V. B., Yakimova K. S.

REC «Mekhanobr-tekhnika» (Russia):

Vasilkov V. B., Senior Researcher, Doctor of Engineering

Yakimova K. S., Senior Researcher,

ArticleName Highcapacity slurry pump design improvement
ArticleAuthors Kutlubayev I. M., Melnikov I. T., Shevtsov N. S., Sadykov V. Kh.

Magnitogorsk State Technical University named after G. I. Nosov (Russia):

Kutlubayev I. M., Professor, Doctor of Engineering,

Melnikov I. T., Associated Professor, Ph. D. in Technical Sciences,

Shevtsov N. S., Postgraduate,


OOO «Petrozavodskmash — Mining-and- Metallurgical Complex» (Russia):

Sadykov V. Kh., Director, Ph. D. in Technical Sciences,

ArticleName Prospects for membrane filtration application at mineral processing facilities
ArticleAuthors Alekseeva Ye. A., Brichkin V. N., Nikolayeva N. V., Bilenko L. F.

National Mineral Resourses University (Russia):

Alekseeva Ye. A., Postgraduate,

Brichkin V. N., Professor, Doctor of Engineering,
Nikolayeva N. V., Lecturer, Ph. D. in Technical Sciences,

REC «Mekhanobr-tekhnika» (Russia):

Bilenko L. F., Senior Researcher, Doctor of Engineering

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