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ArticleName Research of the macrostructure of carbonic friction materials, applied instead of metal ceramic materials, by method of calculating x-ray tomography
ArticleAuthor Artemev A. V., Vasilev S. L., Yurgenson S. A., Kulakov V. V., Avdeev V. V.

Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University), Moscow, Russia

A. V. Artemev, Senior Lecturer of the Chair 104, e-mail:

S. A. Yurgenson, Student


Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University),Moscow, Russia
Aircraft Production Resource Center of Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University), Moscow, Russia.

S. L. Vasilev, Assistant Professor of the Chair 104, Head of the Laboratory of Computer-aided Tomography


The Aircraft Corporation “Rubin”, Balashikha, Russia

V. V. Kulakov, Head of Department


Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia
V. V. Avdeev, Head of the Chemical Faculty Chair of Chemical Technology and New Materials


This article sets out the methodology and results of the study the macrostructure of carbon friction materials using X-ray computer tomography. The object of the study was selected brake disc, made of carbon-carbon composite material that is used to replace metal and bimetallic materials. The study, conducted at the high-energy industry computer tomography, have been received general and local tomography, which was analyzed on the basis of the internal structure of the sample. As a result of the scan data were obtained of the increments of the linear attenuation coefficient and standard deviation, which characterize the density changes in the body of the sample. Based on this analysis it was found that, despite the visual presence of local density anomalies (cracks, seals, not the density), characteristics of the structure of the material sufficiently stable. In this case it was found that the amplitude of density variation across the disk is not big enough (within 10%), and the deviation of the linear attenuation coefficient relative to the mean values are within 3.5%.

keywords Landing gear, brake disc, the carbon-carbon materials, tomography, analysis of internal structure

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