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ArticleName Production of anode copper during the processing of secondary cooper-bearing materials at “Novgorod Metallurgical Plant” JSC
ArticleAuthor Altushkin I. A., Korol Yu. A., Venziga Yu. N., Yudin A. B.

“Russian Copper Company” JSC, Yekaterinburg, Russia

I. A. Altushkin, Chairman of Board of Directors
Yu. A. Korol, Vice President, e-mail:


“Novgorod Metallurgical Plant” JSC, Veliky Novgorod, Russia
Yu. N. Venziga, Chief Engineer
A. B. Yudin, Deputy Chief Engineer of Production


The implementation of innovative technologies at Novgorod Metallurgical Plant made it possible to organize the processing of secondary copper-containing materials with a variable content of source metals. This article summarizes the experience of enterprise fire refining melts and improvement of technological parameters of metallurgical processes. The recycling scheme applies to no waste production. As a result, all products of melting metal, slag and dust are finished and sold to the consumers. The plant`s process flow diagram provides the separate processing of copper, bronze and brass scrap in various pyrometallurgical units. The experience of the “Trof” converter improved the quality parameters of the process by separating the stage convention operation. Due to a low lead content in the charge, the conversion process is carried out in a single step with the addition of scrap iron or bimetal. The usage of innovative technology and equipment at Novgorod Metallurgical Plant led to the creation of the unique conditions in Russia for the production and organization of the efficient processing of secondary copper-bearing material composition without any pollution and accumulation of residues. The “Kummer” and “Merz” slag anode furnaces and the “Trof” converter are the commodity products. These products are sold to the consumers for the extraction of copper, lead and zinc. The “Trof” dust converter was implemented as a valuable zinc bearing materials for the usage in zinc metallurgy, chemical and paint industries. The dust anode furnaces were supplied to the processors for the extraction of copper, lead, zinc, and other impurities. Despite the fact that the company is new, the object of constant operation of the plant and engineers is to upgrade the primary and secondary equipment, and to improve the production processes. This article presents the main technological parameters of metallurgical equipment after the implementation of suggestions for modernization and improvement of the process parameters.

keywords Innovation, secondary metals, refining, copper, lead, zinc, “Trof” converter, “Mertz” furnace, “Kummer” furnace, dust, slag, black copper

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