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ArticleName Experiance of innovations introduction in the secondary metallurgy
ArticleAuthor Altushkin I. A.

“Russian Copper Company” JSC, Ekaterinburg, Russia

I. A. Altushkin, Chairman of Bord of Directors, e-mail:


The innovative approaches in solving the problems of design, construction, management and financing of investment projects at Novgorod Metallurgical Plant made it possible not only to carry out the high-risk project, but also to take a niche in the market of secondary non-ferrous metals in the tough competition for copper-containing raw materials. The usage of modern equipment and a world-class technology helped to create the metallurgical production for secondary raw materials processing, which allows to compete with the best foreign production analogues. A distinctive feature of this project is the realization of production for the processing of secondary copper-containing materials with maximum integrated usage of raw materials, without the formation and storage of wastes. Russia still has not implemented such enterprises for the secondary copper processing without using the primary raw materials with the direct production of finished products in the form of copper rods, cathodes, zinc and lead in dusts, gold and silver in the sludges with an installed capacity of 90 thousand tons of copper wire and 70 thousand tons of cathodes. The emerging risks and constraints in the project implementation required the usage of new approaches, not only in the design and technological solutions, but also in the organization of work and financing methods. The usage of venture capital financing made it possible to implement this project for such productions in record time. The period of the plant construction was 16 months from the moment of signing the equipment supply contract and six months from the beginning of the construction work till the startup. The essential point in speeding up the innovative project implementation was the usage of existing buildings, which are not used in business. The result of the mini-plant construction project for the processing of secondary materials met the expectations of shareholders and made it possible to fulfill the return of investment.

keywords Innovations, investment, venture capital financing, business angel, construction, reconstruction, secondary raw materials, copper, rolled wire, “Trof” converter, “Merz” furnace, electrolysis

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