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ArticleName The thecnical and economic assestement of manufacturing method of graphen and its market value rating
ArticleAuthor Kiselyov B. G., Kozlov V. V., Popkova A. V., Kostikova A. V., Dobryakova E. I.

“SPONK” JSC, Moscow, Russia

B. G. Kiselyov, Chief Executive Officer, phone : 8(495)950-48-55


A. V. Topchiev Institute of Petrochemical Synthesis, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia
V. V. Kozlov, Assistant Professor


National University of Science and Technology “MISiS”, Moscow, Russia
A. V. Popkova, Post-Graduate Student
A. V. Kostikova, Junior Researcher, Post-Graduate Student
E. I. Dobryakova, Economist, Graduate Student


The manufacturing methods of graphen which have various sphere of application is developed in National University of Science and Technology “MISiS”. With a view of commercialization of manufacturing methods, there was held the project feasibility study of graphen manufacturing and reckoning its market value. Manufacturing of graphen is object intellectual property. This article contains the description of key players, long-range forecast of development until 2020, and also shows the structure of graphen consumption in different branches. The developed technology make possible to get considerable output volume without losses of unique properties. The range of graphen usage is various. The graphen’s test specimen is available in research laboratory makes it possible to organize the experimental service of graphen with further researching. The feasibility study of manufacturing of graphen was made for the cash flow valuation. The financial activities for this project are: volume of output in value terms is 14.2 mln. rub. per year, the total of expenses is 9.29 mln. rub., the net profit is 1.77 mln. rub., the product profitability on net profit is 19%, the manufacture profitability is 21%, the costs per ruble of sales are 0.65 rub./ruble. The market value valuation of this technology was made by two methods: profitable and cost-based. The market value, counted by the profitable method was 2.14 mln. rub., the market value, counted by the cost-based method was 314 th. rub. The calculation have shown, that the market value of the technology at usage of developed manufacturing methods on the scale of 10% of the world’s market of graphen makes 1.9 mln. rub. The adoption of this technology on experimental service is effective, viability and reasonable on the whole.

keywords Graphen, technical and economical assessment, market value, cost and profitable approaches

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