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ArticleName Oxidation kinetics of oxide-sulfate compounds of lead at the accumulator scrap treatment
ArticleAuthor Martirosyan M. V., Dzhorukhyan R. B., Mazmanyan V. A.

State Engineering University of Armenia, Erevan, Republic of Armenia

M. V. Martirosyan, Assistant Professor, e-mail:


“Mika-Cement” JSC, Razdan, Republic of Armenia

R. B. Dzhorukhyan, Chief Engineer

“Kola MMC” JSC, Monchegorsk, Russia
V. A. Mazmanyan, Head of Foundry


Re-use of ferrous and non-ferrous metals (recycling) now has extremely large and relevant value for development of economics of Republic of Armenia. It can largely satisfy the demand of the republic in non-ferrous and ferrous metals, to reduce their import, and to facilitate a comprehensive solution to environmental problems. This problem is especially actual in case of the lead in connection with its considerable contents in secondary raw materials, the relatively high cost and mancaused properties of lead and its compounds. The last circumstance is due to the environment, if we neglect recycling of lead and its compounds. The pyrometallurgical processing of secondary lead, produced from scrap batteries, there is considerable loss of metallic lead, fluxing and reducing components associated with a complex phase and chemical composition of the starting material, as well as high-temperature oxidation-reduction process (>900 оC). The degree of purity аnd quantity of metallic lead from extracting secondary raw largely depends on the condition of the conduct of the starting material roasting. It is possible largely to increase the quality and economic characteristics of the extracting metal by decreasing the temperature of the starting material roasting. The kinetic data of oxide-sulfate compounds oxidative roasting of secondary lead, can serve as a basis for the development of improved technological regime at pyrometallurgical processing of battery scrap. The results of the study the kinetics of oxidation of leadcontaining compounds of different nature obtained by cutting battery scrap have been indicated. Based on the results of experiments and data of thermodynamic analysis the features of oxidation of lead sulphate in different saline systems has been installed. The heat treatment a plumbous of compaunds is recommended to be manufactured at rather low temperatures (700–750 oC) at treatment an accumulator scrap.

keywords Oxide-sulfate compound, secondary lead, pyrometallurgy, oxidative roasting, battery scrap, the active mass, kinetics, oxidation, sodium bicarbonate, calcium carbonate

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