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Название Experience in the use of tyres and organic components of municipal solid wastes in steel production
Автор E. P. Volynkina, E. V. Protopopov, L. A. Ganzer.
Информация об авторе

Siberian State Industrial University (Novokuznetsk, Russia):

E.P. Volynkina, ekaterina.volynkina@gmail.com

E.V. Protopopov

L.A. Ganzer


Nowadays energy-saving technologies are widespread. They allow to optimize thermal balance of the converter melting, decrease consumption of the liquid cast iron and increase the share of the processed scrap up to 35-40 % accordingly. To the latest ones can be referred different methods of metal blow with afterburning of the effluent gas in the working space of the installation, scrap preheating with help of fuel-oxygen tuyere, additional tuyeres of the burners and wide use for heat carriers heating, first of all carbon-containing materials in lump or powder shape. But at the same time with the exception for cast-iron saving there is probable decrease of some technical and economic showings of the process, for example, metal quality, lining life and liquid yield of steel. Advanced solution of this problem is use of renewable types of energy resources including domestic garbage.

Thus, the results of carried out experimental melts showed that usage of used tyres and SDG on the basis of fuel components of MSW (paper, PE, PS etc.) can be utilized in the converter melt as an alternative heat-carrying agent that allows to decrease cast iron consumption and to increase considerably technical and economic processing characteristics. MSW loading into the converter with consumption up to 2.1 kg/t and tyres – 2 kg/t of steel doesn’t worsen the metal quality. Metallurgy introducing into its technological processes MSW can get not only cheap fuel and economy due to the consumption decrease of traditionally used and constantly rising in price energy carriers but also a great chance to obtain public acknowledgement as environmental safe and mass MSW utilization enterprise.

Ключевые слова Steel production, municipal solid wastes, organic components, fuel, basic oxygen converters, steel tyres, combustion, melt
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