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65 years of Steelmaking in Novotroitsk
ArticleName Mastering the technology for production of high-strength cast iron with nodular graphite for manufacture of castings in the conditions of JSC Ural Steel
DOI 10.17580/chm.2023.07.01
ArticleAuthor V. V. Lazeev, K. S. Skokov, D. V. Nizhelsky, L. G. Evsina, O. P. Pudovkina

JSC Ural Steel, Novotroitsk, Russia:
V. V. Lazeev, Chief Specialist of the Directorate for Innovations, e-mail:
K. S. Skokov, Chief Specialist on Casting and Electric Steelmaking Production
D. V. Nizhelsky, Head of New Products Department
L. G. Evsina, Chief Specialist in Metallurgy
O. P. Pudovkina, Engineer of the 1st Category


I. V. Kovalko and N. G. Karkhanina took part in the metallographic studies.


The results of mastering the technology of production of high-strength cast iron with sphericalnodular graphite in a 6-ton electric arc furnace of the Ural Steel foundry for manufacture of castings are presented. A special lining scheme has been developed, as well as a scheme for placing modifiers in cast iron ladles with a capacity of 2 and 3 tons. To assess the effectiveness of modifying cast iron, the work was carried out in 4 stages under different conditions of placing the materials in the bucket. Molded products with a wall thickness from 15 to 300 mm were cast. The structure and mechanical properties of the castings obtained meet the requirements of GOST 7293–85.

keywords High-strength cast iron with nodular graphite, suspension, casting ladle modification, graphitization, spheroidization, pyroeffect

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