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Pipe production
ArticleName Study of plasticity and deformation resistance of 13Cr type steel used for manufacturing pipes of high strength grades
DOI 10.17580/chm.2022.06.08
ArticleAuthor Ya. I. Kosmatsky, N. V. Fokin, B. V. Barichko

Russian Research Institute of the Tube & Pipe Industries (RusNITI), Chelyabinsk, Russia:
Ya. I. Kosmatsky, Dr. Eng., Deputy General Director on Scientific Work, e-mail:
N. V. Fokin, Researcher, e-mail:
B. V. Barichko, Cand. Eng., e-mail:


The article presents the results of a study of plasticity and strain resistance of steel grades 08Cr13Ni4Mo1V, 12Cr13Ni3MoNb and 12Cr13Ni3MoNb-1 in the process of hot plastic deformation. Hot deformation is implemented by the methods of uniaxial upsetting, uniaxial tension and torsion, characterized by different schemes of the stress-strain state of the metal. The study was implemented using the technical base of the Laboratory for Physical Modeling of Thermomechanical Processes of the South Ural State University – the multifunctional research complex "Gleeble 3800" using the modules "HydraWedge", "Torsion" and "PocketJaw". The results of the study indicate significant differences in the plasticity of the studied materials during hot torsion, based on the obtained values of the ultimate degree of shear deformation. It has been established that the recorded differences can also be due to the initial state of the workpiece. In addition, there was a difference in the plastic properties of steel grades 12Cr13Ni3MoNb and 12Cr13Ni3MoNb-1 with minor differences in chemical composition. The obtained scientific information on the deformation properties and ductility of the studied steel grades in the process of hot deformation served as the basis for the rational choice of material used for the manufacture of hot-pressed oil-grade pipes of high strength groups with the required quality level.

keywords 13Cr, chromium steels, strain resistance, hot upsetting, hot stretching, hot torsion, temperature of deformation, ultimate degree of deformation

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