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Rolling and other OMD processes
ArticleName Improvement of the line for accelerated cooling of wire rod using a digital process model
DOI 10.17580/chm.2022.06.05
ArticleAuthor A. B. Moller, O. N. Tulupov, S. A. Levandovsky, D. F. Tselikanov

Nosov Magnitogorsk State Technical University, Magnitogorsk, Russia:

A. B. Moller, Dr. Eng., Professor, Head of the Dept. of Metal Processing Technology, e-mail:
O. N. Tulupov, Dr. Eng., Professor, Dept. of Metal Processing Technology
S. A. Levandovsky, Cand. Eng., Associate Professor, Dept. of Metal Processing Technology
D. F. Tselikanov, Postgraduate Student, Dept. of Metal Processing Technology

S. Yu. Tverskoy, JSC Magnitogorsk Gipromez, took part in the work.


The requirements for sorbitized wire rod are formulated, the use of which makes it possible to abandon the initial operation of patenting before drawing. The features of heat transfer on the line of accelerated air cooling of wire rod and round steel with a diameter of 5.5 to 11 mm are studied. A mathematical model has been built for calculating the air flow velocity diagrams depending on the switched on fan power, the design of the blast systems and the position of the control dampers. The reasons for the uneven properties of wire rod along the length of the coil are established. A review of the concepts of digital twins regarding their application in the metallurgical industry has been carried out. A comparative analysis of digital twins and SCADA systems is presented. A digital model of the air cooling line has been formed in the AutodeskRevit environment. Experimental and pilot rollings were carried out under the conditions of the operating mill. Samples were taken in characteristic sections of rolled products corresponding to the center, left and right edges of the width of the conveyor of the air cooling line. More than 100 microsections were prepared and studied, as well as more than 150 samples for studying mechanical properties: tensile strength, relative reduction, relative elongation. The results of processing experimental batches of wire rod in the conditions of drawing production are analyzed. Technical, technological and organizational solutions for the stage-by-stage improvement of wire rod accelerated cooling lines using a digital process model are proposed.

keywords Hot rolling, wire rod, accelerated air cooling, blast systems, sorbitized steel, mathematical model, digital twin, BIM-modeling, patenting of rolled products, hardware processing

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