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Economics and Finances
ArticleName The steel industry in the Far East: environment and development prospects
ArticleAuthor G. I. Arkhipov

Institute of Mining Matter of the RAS Far East Affiliate (Khabarovsk, Russia):

Arkhipov G. I., Cand. Geol.-Min., Leading Scientific Researcher, e-mail:


The importance and necessity of development of iron ore industry and ferrous metallurgy in the Far East of Russia is determined by the purpose and objectives of the national program of the Russian Federation “Social and economic development of the Far East and the Baikal region”. The share of the region in the national steel production in the last 30 years was 0.3–1.65 % (in absolute terms, 0.15–1.4 million tons per year), the production of finished steel — 0.3–1.9% (0.13–1.9 million tons per year). The state and regional characteristics of mineral resources, primarily iron ore and manganese, the beginning of the work of iron ore Kimkan-Sutarsky GOK, readiness for the development of Garinsky iron ore and Poperechnoe manganese ore deposits, the availability of all
kinds of auxiliary raw materials for ferrous metallurgy, other conditions allow for the creation of a new metallurgical base on the territory occupying 40% of the country’s area, without which it is difficult to imagine its actual development. Iron ore resources of the Far East are of strategic importance for the region. The development of mining and metallurgical production on the basis of the iron ore of the Evreiskaya autonomous and Amurskaya regions, the construction of the Far Eastern metallurgical complex and the creation of a ferroalloy sub-industry will lead to intraregional integration of the economies of the subjects of Far East Federal region on the basis of the development of metallurgy-related mineral resources and the use of final products, will create prerequisites for a more rapid transition to the industrial type of development of the southern part of the DFO. The issue of state participation in the creation of the Far Eastern metallurgical plant is relevant. The state should have the right to decide on the issue of the far-eastern steel industry, since there is a factor of uncertainty and delay in the timing of the implementation of raw materials and metallurgical projects by the participating companies.

keywords Ferrous metallurgy, iron ore resources, mining and smelting complex, ferroalloys, Komsomolsk-on-Amur metallurgical complex, Far Eastern region

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