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Transport and logistics
ArticleName New management system for storage and transportation of slabs
ArticleAuthor T. Tonjes

3tn Industriesoftware GmbH (Holzwickede, Germany):

Tönjes T., e-mail:


Salzgitter Flachstahl Gmbh (SZFG) company has issues the order to develop the new system for control and management of its storage facilities and slab transportation. The new system allows to close corresponding disadvantages in the system of final products tracking at Salzgitter works and to provide their thorough control from flame cutting operation to preparation of finished coils. Additionally it allows to optimize all storehouse and transportation operations, to improve quality control of finished products, to save energy resources and to rise labour safety. 3th Industriesoftware company also delivers its measuring devices for seven crab and magnetic cranes, for reliable registration of data. Laser scanner mounted at hauling devices of these cranes can measure length and width of slabs. Additionally this company integrates radar machinery for positioning and registration of variations of crane loads. The system was planned be put into practice during 2017.

keywords Slabs, storage, transportation, management system, continuous casters, temperature, crabs, measuring devices
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