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Metal Acience and Metallography
ArticleName Designing of TWIP steels with quantum mechanical management
ArticleAuthor T. Hickel, F. Roters, D. Raabe, J. Neugebauer

Max Plank Institute of Iron Research (Düsseldorf, Germany):

Hickel T., e-mail:

Roters F.

Raabe D.

Neugebauer J.


Non-empiric methods based on multi-scale simulation allow to predict the main deformation mechanisms in complicated materials depending on alloy composition and technological parameters. Productivity of the new methods is displayed for obtaining of highmanganese steels with tensile strength about 1 GPa and elongation up to 70%. Thereby it can be determined that 20% Mn content leads to especial low value of energy of packing defects (SFE) and to high strength of material. It can also explain why various experimental investigations had very different conclusions about carbon effect on SFE: if TWIP steel is subjected to deformation at room temperature, carbon atoms don’t move practically and leave just near packing defect. However, during heat treatment they move from energy unprofitable positions in the area of packing defect and thereby vary SPE value.

keywords Non-empiric methods, simulation, solidification, packing defect, energy, TWIP steels, manganese

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