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Metal Acience and Metallography
ArticleName Complex processes of steel development based on quick prototyping
ArticleAuthor H. Springer, D. Raabe

Max Plank Institute of Iron Research (Düsseldorf, Germany):

Springer H., e-mail:
Raabe D.


The specialists of Max Plank Institute of Iron Research developed and applied high-productive metallurgical methods for efficient development of complicated steels in the group “Complex metallurgy and production equipment”, e.g. for creation of modern lightweight steels. The developed method of Rapid Alloy Prototyping (RAP) is based on usage of conventional machinery providing high carrying capacity with effective standardization and comparison of obtained results. Five different steel grades are obtained on the base of thermodynamic calculations for one of the basic melts using introduction of alloying elements and consequent pouring. Obtained ingots do not contain absolutely any segregations or defects and are subjected to hot rolling and homogenization.

keywords Steels, properties, testings, lightweight materials, pouring, hot rolling, homogenization

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