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Machine-building Technologies
New developments of Tula State University
ArticleName Features of silicon effect on the structure of facing materials
ArticleAuthor N. B. Fomicheva, L. M. Nechaev, E. V. Markova

Tula State University (Tula, Russia):

Fomicheva N. B., Cand. Eng., Associate Prof., Chair of Metal Physics and Metal Science
Nechaev L. M., Cand, Phys.-Math. Sciences, Prof., Chair of Theoretical Mechanics
Markova E. V., Cand. Eng., Associate Prof., Chair of Machinebuilding Technology, e-mail:


The paper studies the effects of alloying elements on the structure and properties of Fe–Cr–Ni and Fe–Co–Ni facing materials used for plasma powder deposition. Silicon has been selected as an alloying element since it improves alloy hardness and wear resistance. The base metals are Fe–Cr–Ni and Fe–Co–Ni powder alloys being martensite-ageing sparingly alloyed materials. The investigation has identified the facing layer structure properties with finely crystalline dendrite structure; the effects of silicon on the deposit metal structure formation have been studied. It is shown that silicon has influence on crystallization structure formation through forming of silicon oxide inclusions. The phase composition features for silicon alloyed metals have been identified and the positive effects of silicon on facing material’s mechanical properties have been estimated.

keywords Plasma powder deposition, silicon, inclusions, hardness, nonuniformity, dendrite structure, crystallization, intermetallides

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