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Rolling and metal forming
ArticleName New grinding tools manufactured from cubic boron nitride and providing efficient roll treatment
ArticleAuthor G. Melchior

Tyrolit — Schleifmittelwerke Swarovski K.G. (Schwaz, Austria):

Melchior G., e-mail:


Tyrolit company has developed new grinding wheels of new generation for cold rolling mills. These grinding wheels include innovative carrier with external layer made from cubic boron nitride (CBN). These tools with corporate name Genis Roll Star provide high-efficient processing of rolls made of extra hard alloys and allows to obtain roll surface with essentially better quality and without any inclusions. CBN abrasive grain is characterized not only by high hardness and resistance, nut also by more strong binding in the surface layer of grinding tool in comparison with corundum in conventional wheels. Wear resistance of CBN wheels with ceramic binding is substantially lower than for grinding tools with artificial resin binder.

keywords Grinding wheel, rolls, cubic boron nitride, resin, ceramic binder, hard alloys, wear resistance
Language of full-text russian
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