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ArticleName Intelligent maintenance of mining equipment gears
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2017.12.13
ArticleAuthor Gerike B. L., Klishin V. I., Pudov E. Yu., Kuzin E. G.

Institute of Coal, Federal Research Center of Coal and Coal Chemistry, Siberian Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences, Kemerovo, Russia:

B. L. Gerike, Chief Researcher, Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences,
V. I. Klishin, Had of a Laboratory, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences


Branch of the Kuzbass State Technical University, Prokopyevsk, Russia:
E. Yu. Pudov, Deputy Director, Candidate of Engineering Sciences
E. G. Kuzin, Senior Lecturer


The article substantiates transition to the intelligent maintenance of belt conveyor drives based on the methods of diagnosis rather than preventive overhaul. The data of diagnosis of conveyor drive gears by a set of diagnostic criteria with regard to characteristics of lubricants, vibrations and temperatures are presented. It is suggested to analyze vibrations using the method of reference masks of spectrum, which allows setting a frequency bandwidth, its location and values of estimation criteria which are randomly compared with the current values. By analyzing the variation in the check parameter within a frequency band, the technical state is estimated and its change is predicted. As the additional information for the estimation of technical state of belt conveyor gears, it is proposed to use the other methods of the function tests – spectrum emission analysis of lubricants and thermal imaging control of mounting groups of roller bearings, which will enhance reliability of diagnostic decision. The full-scale approval of the integrated approach to technical state diagnosis has shown that this method allows preventing breakdowns and unscheduled downtime of equipment and ensures appreciable economic effect owing to optimized terms and volume of maintenance. The research findings prove possibility to form a set of uniform diagnostic criteria applicable to estimation of technical state of gears in mining machines and equipment.

The study has been performed in the framework of the Federal Targeted Program on R&D in Priority Areas of Advancement in the Science and Technology of Russia for 2014–2020 and supported by the Ministry of Education and Science under Agreement No. 14.604.21.0173 dated September 26, 2017: Efficient Robotic Top-Coal Caving Technology.
The authors appreciate participation of Yu. V. Drozdenko, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor at the Chair for Mining Machines and Equipment at the Kuzbass State Technical University in this research.

keywords Mining machines and equipment, intelligent maintenance, vibro-diagnosis, thermal imaging control, spectrum emission control, belt conveyors, adjustable drive, diagnostic engineering, lubricants, analysis

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