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ArticleName Evaluating efficiency of ecologically balanced mining technology for strategic Partomchorr deposit in the Arctic zone of Russia
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2017.12.11
ArticleAuthor Lukichev S. V., Gromov E. V., Shibaeva D. N., Tereshchenko S. V.

Mining Institute, Kola Science Center, Apatity, Russia:

S. V. Lukichev, Acting Director, Doctor of Engineering Sciences


Division of the Murmansk Arctic State University, Apatity, Russia:
E. V. Gromov, Associate Professor, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,
D. N. Shibaeva, Head of a Laboratory, Candidate of Engineering Sciences
S. V. Tereshchenko, Head of a Chair, Doctor of Engineering Sciences


The article describes a methodical approach to proving an ecologically balanced technology for mining low-grade ore reserves in difficult ground under conditions of environmental constraints. The proposed procedure is tested in terms of Partomchorr deposit of low-grade apatite-bearing ore which is remote from the transport infrastructure, occurs under severe climatic conditions, is adjacent to the conservation areas and features complex geomechanics. In the framework of the pre-set conditions, 3D modeling of the external and internal mining and transportation systems is carried out and evaluated from the viewpoint of the economics and ecology. The resultant relations of transportation cost and volume enable evaluating efficient application ranges for different kinds of the traditional and future transport. The underground mining technology with ore pretreatment and barren rock placement in mined-out voids is developed. The efficiency of the proposed technology is conditioned by the ground surface safety in the course of underground mining, reduction in number of surface dumps, improvement of quality of ore extraction and cutting-down of transportation cost. Finally, the article gives a comparative estimate of the current (mine project) and proposed technologies with regard to complete extraction of useful components from local ore. The comparison shows that the new unconventional process solutions and the all-inclusive nature of economic evaluation allow enhanced efficiency of mining at the minimized environmental impact in the conditions of the Arctic zone of Russia.
This study has been supported by the Murmansk State Arctic University and by the Russian Academy of Sciences in the framework of Basic Research Program No. 5: Strategic Mineral Deposits in Russia: Innovative Approaches to Prospecting, Appraisal and Mining.

keywords Arctic zone, Partomchorr deposit, rare earth metals, underground mining, ore preconcentration, waste management, mining and transportation systems, computer-aided modeling, ecological-and-economic evaluation

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12. Available at: (accessed: 15.10.2017).

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