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ArticleName Effect of operating dump truck vibrations on bench stability in deep open pit mines
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2017.12.06
ArticleAuthor Chernykh E. N., Zyryanov I. V., Shubin G. V., Zarovnyaev B. N.

Institute of the Earth’s Crust, Siberian Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences, Irkutsk, Russia:

E. N. Chernykh, Senior Researcher, Candidate of Geologo-Mineralogical Sciences,


Yakutniproalmaz Institute, ALROSA, Mirny, Russia:

I. V. Zyryanov, Deputy Director of Science, Doctor of Engineering Sciences


Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University, Yakutsk, Russia:
G. V. Shubin, Head of a Chair, Associate Professor, Candidate of Engineering Sciences
B. N. Zarovnyaev, Director, Doctor of Engineering Sciences


Stability of benches and walls in open pits is a critical requirement of surface mine safety. Many international researches are devoted to the influence exerted by various factors on bench and wall stability in open pit mines, including vibrations generated by blasting. This article describes the research into vibrations excited in rock mass by operating dump trucks in open pt mines. The in situ measurements show that a column of dump trucks can generate vibrations lasting for minutes. In view of the fact that such vibrations propagate for long distances and traffic flow of dump trucks in open pit is continuous, it can be stated that pitwalls permanently experience vibrations. A general estimation may use an empirical relationship between the maximum acceleration of vibrations, their duration and seismic effect. Aimed to obtain actual values of vibration effect on benches and berms, seismic vibrations due to operating dump trucks were measured along the perimeter walls of an open pit mine. The measurements involved Baikal recorders combined with velocimeters SK-1P and acceleration meters OSP-2M. The recording data allowed estimation of the behavior of seismic vibrations generated by operating vibro-sources, mostly, dump trucks. The results showed that the observed dynamic loads, though uncapable to induce instantaneous deformation, can nonetheless be a cause of hazards and should be comprehensively investigated.

keywords Bench stability, vibration, dump trucks, micro-profile, energy spectrum, seismic vibrations, dynamic loads, deformation

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