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ArticleName Analysis and prospects of the coal industry in the Eastern Siberia in the period of 2000–2035
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2017.12.01
ArticleAuthor Plakitkina L. S., Plakitkin Yu. A., Dyachenko K. I.

Institute for Energy Research, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia:

L. S. Plakitkina, Head of Research Center for Coal Industry in the World and in Russia, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,
Yu. A . Plakitkin, Deputy Director on Scientific Work, Professor, Doctor of Economic Sciences
K. I. Dyachenko, Senior Researcher of Laboratory, Candidate of Engineering Sciences


The article describes the development of the coal industry in Eastern Siberia in the period 2000–2016, including extraction of coking and energy coals and coal production in the region's subjects, coal supply, investment in fixed assets of coal mining enterprises, average prices of 1 ton of shipped products. The share of coal production in Eastern Siberia in the total volume of coal production in Russia in 2016 was 24.4%. The main direction of supplies of East Siberian coal is currently power plants. However, the volume of supplies of East Siberian coal to the power plant in 2016, compared to the level of 2015, decreased by 4% (from 49.4 million tons in 2015 to 47.4 million tons in 2016). The export of coal in Eastern Siberia in 2016 as compared to 2015 increased by 1.5% – from 17.7 million tons to 17.5 million tons. The volume of investment in fixed assets of coal mining enterprises in Eastern Siberia in 2016 in comparison with the level of 2000 in dollars. The US grew 3 times, and in the ruble equivalent – increased 7-fold. However, after 2012 there is a fall in investment in the fixed capital of coal mining enterprises in Eastern Siberia and the average price of 1 ton of shipped products (in US dollars each year), which is more connected with the fall in oil prices and the exchange rate difference between the ruble and the dollar. The average producer prices of steam coal produced in Eastern Siberia in 2016 amounted to about $20. That is signifi cantly less than in 2013, but slightly more than in 2015. The prospects of developing new locations in Eastern Siberia for the constituent entities of the Russian Federation that are part of this region are analyzed, as well as the construction of new sections and mines in this region.

keywords Analysis, coal mining, Eastern Siberia, structure of coal supplies, exports, East Siberian coals, investments, prices, producers, development of the fi elds, construction of mines and strip mines, prediction

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