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ArticleName Raw material resources base of the iron-and-steel industry in Azerbaijan: State-of-the art and development prospects
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2017.10.02
ArticleAuthor Efendiyeva Z. J.

Azerbaijan State Oil and Industrial University, Baku, Azerbaijan:

Z. J. Efendiyeva, Associate Professor, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,


The article presents propositions on integrated and efficient use of mineral resources of Dashkesan iron ore cluster (western Azerbaijan, Small Caucasus shoulders). Two lines of activities are suggested. The first line provides for the transition to the advanced beneficiation technologies for multi-component iron ore with by-production of useful associates and with pelletizing for sponge iron making. The second line of activities is the full-scale processing of mineral mining and concentrating waste earlier put into storage through organization of dedicated productions for the industrial and domestic use with the wide intake of labor power represented by the local population. Currently Dashkesan iron ore cluster is developed by Daskesen Filizsaflasdirma mining company (former Azerbaijan Mining and Processing Plant). The full-fledged industrial infrastructure, extensive transportation network, skilled specialists and proximity to the city of Ganja determine the economic efficiency of mining and of implementation of large investment projects in the area of Dashkesan. In Ganja construction of a steel works is presently in process.

keywords Azerbaijan, Dashkesan iron ore deposit, mineral raw materials, mining waste, integrated mineral use

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