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UGC Gold Mining Company
ArticleName Energy-efficient technologies of gold ore mining and processing at Svetlinskoe deposit
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2017.09.07
ArticleAuthor Rylnikova M. V., Ezhov V. A., Nikiforova I. L., Plotnikov S. N.

IPKON, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia:

M. V. Rylnikova, Head of Department, Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences,
I. L. Nikiforova, Researcher


Svetlinsky Mining and Processing Works, UGC Gold Mining Company, Plast, Russia

V. A. Ezhov, Director


UGC Gold Mining Company, Plast, Russia
S. N. Plotnikov, Deputy Executive Office on Beneficiation


Ensuring the sustainable functioning of gold mining enterprises belonging to UGC Gold Mining Company is increasingly focused on the use of resource-saving and energy-efficient geotechnologies that enjoy the highest demand in the mining practice. A rational combination of geotechnologies enables the most complete extraction of minerals from subsoil and recovery of valuable components from the mineral substance based on the effective management of mineral flow quality in the course of their energyefficient formation, displacement, anthropogenic transformation. In particular, a purposeful strategy toward integrated mechanization and automation of basic technological processes, increased investment in technical re-equipment of the mining and processing machines, resource-saving and energy efficiency of mining and processing of ore makes it possible to achieve economic efficiency of development of Svetlinskoe gold deposit although characterized by a fairly low average gold content of ore – 0.75 g/t.
The study has been supported by the Russian Science Foundation, Grant No. 14-37-00050-P.

keywords UGC Gold Mining Company, gold mining, integrated mastering of soils, geotechnology, energy efficiency, resource saving, production capacity, cost reduction

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