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UGC Gold Mining Company
ArticleName Mining-and-processing technology at UGC Gold Mining Company
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2017.09.02
ArticleAuthor Strukov K. I., Berger R. V.

UGC Management Company, Chelyabinsk, Russia:

K. I. Strukov, Founder and President, Candidate of Engineering Sciences


UGC Gold Mining Company, Plast, Russia:
R. V. Berger, Managing Director,


Transition to deeper level mining at lode gold deposits is accompanied by the reduced gold content of ore, complication of geomechanical situation and appreciation of gold ore production and haulage. The analysis of the performance of mines of UGC Gold Mining Company shows that considerable ore reserves remain left as non-commercial reserves in the course of mining as their extraction was assumed unprofitable at the moment. Under such circumstances, it is important to improve efficiency of subsoil use at operating and new deposits and to minimize gold ore loss during mining upon conditions of built-up production output and rate and maximized safety of mining. It is shown that the sound combination of geotechnologies at UGC, at high completeness and quality of ore production and gold extraction based on the effectual mineral quality control in the course of energy-efficient formation, navigation of conversion of mineral flows is the guarantee of sustainable growth of production capacity of the Holding as of today.

keywords Gold, ore deposit, UGC Gold Mining Company, geotechnology, reserves, resource saving, production, safety, ecology

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