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UGC Gold Mining Company
ArticleName State-of-the-art and prospects of mineral and raw materials supply base expansion at UGC Gold Mining Company in the South Ural
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2017.09.01
ArticleAuthor Berger R. V., Fedoseev V. V., Saraskin A. V.

UGC Gold Mining Company, Plast, Russia:

R. V. Berger, Managing Director
V. V. Fedoseev, Chief Geologist
A. V. Saraskin, Deputy Director of Long-Term Development, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,


Most gold ore deposits in the South Ural are currently at the stage of depletion. Many of such deposits feature complicated ground conditions, development period years or hundreds of years long, transition of mining to deeper levels, reduced gold content of ore, more complex morphology and structure of ore bodies. These complications may result in deviation from the design technical-and-economic performance, adjustment of the production plans and malfunction of geotechnical systems in mines. One of the ways of ensuring sustainable operation of geotechnical systems under the described conditions in mines of UGC Gold Mining Company is the implementation of the long-term strategy of sustainable technological development based on pursuing strategic goals. The highest priority of the strategy is replenishment of the Company’s raw materials supply base in the Chelyabinsk Region both through the large-scale prospecting and exploration of new and promising areas under own stream and from auditing all ore reserves based on the modern technical-and-economic criteria in order to find deeper level low-grade ore reserves earlier evaluated as promising and now suitable for re-mining. The effect of the successful implementation of the resource reproduction strategy at UGC is the regular increment in the gold ore supply base in the Chelyabinsk Region.

keywords South Ural, gold ore deposits, mineral and raw materials supply base, development strategy, resource reproduction, exploration

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