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ArticleName Analysis of energy parameters of mine hoists
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2017.08.13
ArticleAuthor Dmitriev V. T., Timukhin S. A., Simisinov D. I., Karyakin A. L.

Ural State Mining University, Yekaterinburg, Russia:

V. T. Dmitriev, Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences
S. A. Timukhin, Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences
D. I. Simisinov, Senior Researcher, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,
A. L. Karyakin, Head of a Chair, Doctor of Technical Sciences


It is highlighted that the basic equation of mine hoist dynamics is inapplicable as a framework for analyzing performance of mine hoists from the view point of energy. Thus, this article is an attempt to bridge the gap. In the framework of the classical mechanics, the authors present an approach to the assessment of the energy efficiency of mine hoists. The relations of the energy consumption and hoist velocity during the hoisting cycle are obtained. The energy capacity of a mine hoist in the idling mode is estimated. It is shown that the hoisting system performs no work when in the idling mode but spends energy to hold load. In the mode of functioning of a mine hoist, the main energy consumption falls at the potential component of the total energy of the hoisting system while the kinetic component is insignificant. The analysis of the obtained information revealed low energy efficiency of mine hoists when operating at low velocities, especially to 5–6 m/s. It is proved that the hoisting cycle energy consumption can be greatly reduced at the higher hoisting velocities, especially in the range to 12–15 m/s. The further increase in the hoisting velocity to 20–25 m/s is accompanied with the on-going but less intensive reduction in the energy consumption. As the hoisting velocity is increased from 2 to 30 m/s, the energy consumption of the hoisting cycle decreases 15 times owing to the shortened time of travel of the hoists. The energy consumption and the hoisting velocity dependences presented in the article are proved experimentally on full-scale hosing systems. Recommended based on the research findings, the rational velocities of hoists ensure minimum energy consumption at the maximum possible velocities of mine hoists in shafts.

keywords Hoist, energy dependences, hoist velocity, energy consumption

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