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ArticleName New multifunctional headframe design
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2017.08.10
ArticleAuthor Kassikhina E. G.

Gorbachev Kuzbass State Technical University, Kemerovo, Russia:

E. G. Kassikhina, Associate Professor, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,


The article discusses a new design approach to steel headframes with back-legs based on efficient structural concept for underground mining. An important element of the structure is the frame arranged above the mine shaft and meant for the implementation of different hoisting operations in the shaft. The conventional rectangular frame is the most massive and heavy-weight element of the structure as it is load-bearing, i.e., it transfers loads from the operation of a hoist machine to base supports and to the shaft collar. A rectangular frame has a foundation at the shaft collar, which complicates the frame assembly and operation, and needs extra expenditure. Furthermore, many braces of the frame accumulate coal dust, slag and machine grease, which leads to extensive corrosion at dead points.Unloading of hosting machines is only possible in two directions: in and out of plane of hoist, which is connected with the rectangular structure of the frame. In case of the outer fencing using standard wall panels, there are many joints between them, which increases air permeability and, given exposure to dynamic loading, result in failure of the joints and in loss of the frame life. The author proposes a cylinder frame design, with the load transferred from the load-line sheave not to the frame but to an independent load-bearing structure with the supports placed out of the bounds of the mine shaft collar. The round load-nonbearing frame will allow removing the frame foundation, which simplifies the structure. The new-design frame consists of ring elements with much less joints that are more reliably sealed as compared with the frames with the standard guard panels. Unloading of hoisting machines is possible in any direction as the round frame has no limitations in terms of the number of openings to be made in it. The article presents calculation of basic sizes of a round frame and a sheave block. Irrespective of operating structural modules, the proposed idea greatly reduces the number of variable parameters of a headframe. This approach enables formulating a new design concept of steel headframes with backlegs for mines of a next engineering level.

keywords Headframe, headframe shape, frame, frame foundation, brace, headframe design

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