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Power engineering and ecology
ArticleName Practice of recycling operations in iron direct reduction units
ArticleAuthor Ch. Brunner, J. Schwelberger, A. Fleischanderl, A. Ropke

Primetals Technologies Austria GmbH (Linz, Austria):

Brunner Ch., e-mail:
Schwelberger J.
Fleischanderl A.


ArcelorMittal Hamburg GmbH (Hamburg, Germany):
Röpke A.


The paper examines production of briquettes from accompanying products. These briquettes contain valuable raw material and allow to replace partly iron ore pellets or bulky iron ore. They can be used directly in DRI units where their reduction takes place. The principal technology of iron direct reduction process (DRI process) in the typical unit is examined. It is shown that oxide fine-dispersed dust is forming and can be used again after recycling. Cold briquetting technology allows to provide manufacture of agglomerate ready to be charged in a shaft furnace. The testing results of cold briquetting technology are presented, including the results of laboratorial examination and analysis of obtained briquettes. The concept of DRI plant is developed; it describes processing of accompanying products and manufacture of high-quality briquettes. This concept ensures efficient transportation of accompanying products and fabrication of iron oxide briquettes, with elimination of operating stages of their warehousing or long-distance transportation. The obtained charge material for DRI plant is comparative with iron ore in its properties.

keywords Recycling, accompanying products, dust, slime, iron ore pellets, briquettes, cold briquetting, direct reduction, DRI units
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