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ArticleName Parametrization procedure for jaw crusher tooth plates
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2017.06.14
ArticleAuthor Kolga A. D., Degodya E. Yu., Aybashev D. M., Habarov K. Yu.

Magnitogorsk State Technical University of G. I. Nosov, Magnitogorsk, Russia:

A. D. Kolga, Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences
E. Yu. Degodya, Associate Professor, Candidate of Engineering Sciences
D. M. Aybashev, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,


JSC Aleksandrinsky Mining Company, Nagaibaksky, Russia:
K. Yu. Habarov, Leading Engineer of Production Department


From the analysis of operation of jaw crushers, crushing plate teeth having triangular or trapezoidal shape as per the standard OST 22-1678-87 Jaw Crusher Plates quickly wear off and become semicylindrical, with a radius growing infinitely in the course of operation, i.e. teeth completely vanish. Owing inconsistency between the parameters of crushing plate teeth (radius, spacing, height) and the size of materials in the crusher chamber ends, swing jaw idly rocks and performance of the crusher lowers. The current crushing plates have teeth with the constant radius, spacing and height along the entire length of a plate. The crusher chamber is fed with fragments of different sizes, the fragments are broken in different sections of the chamber owing to its wedge-like shape, and the rational relationship between the size of the material and the crushing plate teeth holds only in a certain section of the crusher chamber while crushing is inefficient in the other sections. This article describes the tests on the influence exerted by the radius and spacing of crushing plate teeth on the crushing efficiency. Based on the research performed, the current parametrization procedure for the crushing plate teeth has been improved. According to the proposed procedure, crushing plates should have teeth with different radii, spacing and height along the length of a plate. Different parameters of crushing plate teeth promote an increase in crushing efficiency in terms of higher capacity and lower power consumption of a crusher. The crushing capacity is achieved owing to the reduced idle rocking of the swing jaw, and the energy consumption is lowered due to decreased content of fine particles in crushed product.

keywords Jaw crushers, crushing plates, toothing parameters, varied values, parametrization procedure, crushing efficiency, improvement

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