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ArticleName Processor control over open pit mining and transportation machinery based on economic criteria
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2017.06.05
ArticleAuthor Kaplan A. V., Galiev S. Zh.

«STC Geotechnology», Chelyabinsk, Russia:

A. V. Kaplan, Doctor of Economic Sciences,


«The Research Engineering Center ERG», Astana, Kazakhstan:
S. Zh. Galiev, Corresponding Member of National Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan, Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences


The article highlights the most important development challenges for the mining industry in Russia and Kazakhstan. The framework of the control over open pit mining and transportation machines using an estimating package for the current information acquisition and processing is presented. The authors prove the necessity of introduction of intellectual computer-aided control over mining and transportation in order to ensure managerial decision-making based on balanced technical and economic criteria. The methodology of cost calculation for complex multi-functional mining plants is discussed together with the approaches to adaptation of the methodology at a specific mine. The key factors of mining investment formation at a mining plant and their influence on economic efficiency of a mine are described. The developed approaches to economic-and-mathematical modeling of mining and transportation machinery performance in the control systems account for the interconnection and interdependence of geological, geotechnical, organizational and economic factors of expenditures in mining. The article presents the results of mineral mining cost modeling depending on a number of the production factors. The proposed structural scheme of the intellectual mining and transportation control at an open pit mine includes: intelligent databases, as well as bases of goals and different information; blocks of algorithmic methods and models, digestion of knowledge, making of managerial decisions, validation of the decisions and information output. It is inferred on the necessity of the intellectual automated mining control system that predetermines potential competitive ability and sustained development of a mining and processing plant. It is emphasized that the processor control implementation should be accompanied by the appropriate training of technical staff of a mine, updating of efficiency criteria, restructuring of the mine performance and management efficiency analysis system as well as development and application of relevant information technologies.

keywords Mining economy, processor control, mining and transportation system, analytical data treatment, intellectual control system, dynamic processes, economicand-mathematical modeling, mining cost, investment factors

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