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ArticleName Corporate social projects as investments in the future
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2017.05.26
ArticleAuthor Rozhkova T. S., Alyanykh L. N.

Metalloinvest Management Company LLC, Moscow, Russia:

T. S. Rozhkova, Head of Social Policy Department


Lebedinsky Mining and Processing Plant, Gubkin, Russia:

L. N. Alyanykh, Director on Social Affairs,


Lebedinsky Mining and Processing Plant (Lebedinsky GOK) is the backbone enterprise for Gubkin municipal district and one of the largest taxpayer in the Belgorod region. Prosperity of more than half of Gubkin families, anyhow connected with operation of this enterprise, depends on the results of its activity. Lebedinsky GOK is the main taxpayer in the municipal budget, providing its revenue more than by three quarters. The paper describes the corporate social projects of Lebedinsky GOK and social vector of activity of this largest enterprise in the Belgorod region. The company provides one the most essential social packages in the industry for its employees and ensures thereby the high standard of social responsibility for regional business as well as supports rise of prosperity of local inhabitants. In this connection, social responsibility of the works for many years is one of the most important factors of successful development of the enterprise and the region in general.

keywords Backbone enterprise, social responsibility, charity, regional development programs, social package, social partnership, collective labour agreement, object of social importance

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