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ArticleName Lebedinsky GOK’s Personnel Policy
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2017.05.25
ArticleAuthor Pleshkov A. V., Ryabitchenko V. S., Trifonov S. I.

JSC Lebedinsky GOK, Gubkin, Russia:

A. V. Pleshkov, Human Resources Director
V. S. Ryabitchenko, Head of Personnel Recruitment and Development Department,
S. I. Trifonov, Head of Training Center


HR policy at “Lebedinsky GOK” JSC (one of the largest Russian mining enterprises incorporated in “Metalloinvest” holding) has been cardinally changed during recent years and is building now in correspondence with a row of priority directions: transparency of HR management; personnel motivation for achievement of the stated goals; quality improvement of personnel training in the main technological professions; rise of reputation of the mining and metallurgical professions. The main principles of building of HR management system are presented in the paper. The separate themes connected with personnel involvement, development, training and personnel reserve preparing are emphasized; the basic directions of collaboration between the works and educational institutions are reflected. Operating parameters of the scientific center of the works are presented separately. Personnel management system developed at the works includes professional training, the program of personnel progression and development as well as personnel involvement. It develops dynamically, taking into account legal changes, production technology and personnel psychology.

keywords Personnel, selection, motivation, prestige, development, involvement, reserve, partnership

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