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ArticleName Calendar planning and designing of mining by means of modern software
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2017.05.23
ArticleAuthor Klimashevsky Yu. A., Melnikov V. M., Zaraisko I. V.

Lebedinsky Mining and Processing Plant, Gubkin, Russia:

Yu. A. Klimashevsky, Chief of the technical department,
V. M. Melnikov, Chief specialist of the principal miner group of the technical department


Metalloinvest Management Company LLC, Moscow, Russia:
I. V. Zaraisko, Chief specialist of department of monitoring and long-term development of mining


Large Russian mining enterprises introduce today different modern software products in organizing of the minerals mining. It destines for lightening of introducing of principal (industrial) manufacturing processes. The article considers current software for calendar planning and designing of mining. It is described worked up dynamic polygonal block (sectional) model of Lebedinsky deposit. The model permits to carry out calendar planning and prospective development of stripping, mining and transportation; calculation of opened and prepared resources, preparing of the mining, graphic and other documents and so on. Actualization of the data of the ore types and quality, bearing and covering rocks is carried out by means of the model. Introducing of modern software for realization of daily, week and month schedules of mining is carried out currently at Lebedinsky Mining and Processing Plant. Realization of the measures will be final stage of outlined work for calendar planning and designing of development of mining on the deposits with complicated structure of the ore bodies.

keywords Block model, calendar planning, mining, open-cast model, mining and graphic documents, carcass model, software

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