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ArticleName Quality management system at Lebedinsky GOK
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2017.05.18
ArticleAuthor Novikov S. V., Burtseva S. N.

Lebedinsky Mining and Processing Plant JSC, Gubkin, Russia:

S. V. Novikov, IT-Director
S. N. Burtseva, Head of Department of Standardization and Certification of Quality Management System in Technical Administration,


The permanently varied market conditions force each enterprise to provide detailed strategic planning of production and risk management. To meet simply the requirements of standards and technical regulations for manufactured products is not sufficient at present time. It is necessary now to put into practice a quality management system, and its successful certification provides for an enterprise – certificate owner the required the level of confidence both in domestic and international markets. The paper observes creation, development and improvement of the quality management system at Lebedinsky Mining and Processing Plant (Lebedinsky GOK). Information about certification of the quality management system according to the requirements of international standards is presented. The quality policy stipulates obligations of the top management of the enterprise in providing operation of the quality management system and increase of its efficiency; this policy also determines the main directions of activity in this area.

keywords Lebedinsky GOK, quality management system, ISO 9001, certification, process, quality policy

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