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ArticleName Personnel training as an element of the control system for industrial safety and labour protection
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2017.05.17
ArticleAuthor Bashkatov D. E., Tsukanov A. M., Chursin Yu. N.

Lebedinsky Mining and Processing Plant JSC, Gubkin, Russia:

D. E. Bashkatov, Deputy Chief Engineer – Head of Administration of Labour Protection and Industrial Safety,
A. M. Tsukanov, Deputy Head of Administration of Labour Protection and Industrial Safety – Head of Labour Protection Department
Yu. N. Chursin, Head of Bureau of Methodology, Accompanying and Control of Labour Protection of Administration of Labour Protection and Industrial Safety


Training to safe execution of technological operations as an element of the control system for industrial safety and labour protection is described on the example of its implementation at Lebedinsky Mining and Processing Plant (Lebedinsky GOK). Especial attention has been paid to training of the works’ employees of all levels to realize safe skills of execution of technological operations. It is underlined that systematic approach to control of industrial safety and labour protection, realization of planned measures, analysis of state of production facilities allow to decrease in scheduled mode the level of industrial traumatism and number of accidents at production site. Actual features of this training is stipulated by necessity of lowering of traumatism and accident cases caused by a human factor in the conditions of intensive production. The approach to training process that is described in this paper is distributed not only among workers, but also among top managers and specialists – participants of the technological process.

keywords Lebedinsky GOK JSC, industrial safety, labour protection, control system, production activity, safe execution of operations, training

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