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ArticleName Reengineering of roasting machines at pelletizing factory
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2017.05.15
ArticleAuthor Kalinenko Yu. N., Kamenev A. A., Mitkin A. V., Kirienkov A. N.

JSC Lebedinsky GOK, Gubkin, Russia:

Yu. N. Kalinenko, Head of Pelletizing Factory
A. A. Kamenev, Chief Metallurgist
A. V. Mitkin, Chief Engineer of Pelletizing Factory
A. N. Kirienkov, Leading Specialist,


The priority task of the present day at Lebedinsky GOK (Lebedinsky Mining and Processing Plant) is the increase in production of high added value towards competitive recovery under severe economic conditions. With this end in view, it was decided on Phase 3 construction project of the hot-briquetted iron shop, which, in its turn, called for the increased production of higher quality fluxed pellets and required reengineering of two roasting machines at the pelletizing factory. The reengineering consisted in redesign of the roasting machine feed group: introduction of two auxiliary screens and a wide conveyor, as well as replacement of roller piler of roasting machines nos. 3 and 4. Furthermore, brick lining of the roasting machines was substituted for concrete lining of Plibrico manufacture. Thanks to the redesigning, the yield of fine fractions in roasted pellets has been decreased from 1.4 down to 0.4%, which conforms with the current quality standards imposed on ore feed for direct reduction of iron. The percentage of the wanted quality pellets has also increased from 94.22 to 99.29%. As a result of replacement of the lining, consumption of energy resources in the form of gas and electric power has been lowered.

keywords Roasting machine, pellets, roller screen, roller piler, fractions, production output

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