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ArticleName Technological motor transport at Lebedinsky GOK
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2017.05.08
ArticleAuthor Agafonov D. V., Yakushev A. S., Lyashchev V. S.

JSC Lebedinsky GOK, Gubkin, Russia:

D. V. Agafonov, Head of Motor and Tractor Administration,
A. S. Yakushev, Head of Transport Shop
V. S. Lyashchev, Head of Technical Department


The park of technological motor transport of Lebedinsky Mining and Processing Plant (Lebedinsky GOK) develops taking into account the modern achievements of scientific and technical progress. Year by year, machinery becomes more and more powerful and productive, and at the same time more and more “intelligent” and efficient. Initially KrAZ dump trucks have operated in the quarry of Lebedinsky GOK, but at present time high-efficient BelAZ and “Caterpillar” dump trucks are in operation. The complex of measures directed on optimization of expenses during freight transportation is realizing permanently in order to keep working capacity of machinery and rise of their operating efficiency. This complex of measures is aimed first of all on increase of service life of extra large-size tyres and rational usage of fuel and lubricating materials. The paper describes the structure of the motor and transport administration of Lebedinsky GOK. Operating parameters of technological transport of this administration are presented. Priority directions of optimization of transportation expenses are displayed. The prospects of further technical rearmament and development of motor and transport facilities of the works are analyzed.

keywords Motor and transport administration, dump trucks, operating parameters, tyres, fuel and lubricating materials, technical rearmament, development

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