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ArticleName Organizing of the Rock transportation by Railway Transport
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2017.05.07
ArticleAuthor Potryasaev Yu. A., Pianykh A. A., Brezshnev I. V.

Lebedinsky Mining and Processing Plant JSC, Gubkin, Russia:

Yu. A. Potryasaev, Director of Production
A. A. Pianykh, Director of Department of Railway Transport
I. V. Brezshnev, Deputy-director of Department of Railway Transport,


Transportation of the ore and overburden rock out of the open-cast of Lebedinsky Mining and Processing Plant (Lebedinsky GOK) is carried out by railway trains. Every of the last ones consist of traction aggregate and coupled dump-cars. Scheme of railway track complicated with deepening of mining. It has increased number of the dead-end access tracks on the lower horizons and time of transport cycle. Productivity of the means of transport has decreased. Because of situation arisen in 2014 it has been worked up program for stabilization of operation of railway transport of the combine. Program envisaged number of technical measures directed to modernization of railway complex, renewal of fleet of principal and auxiliary equipment, improvement of repair of the rail tracks and means of transportation. Replacement of the traction aggregates OPE-1 by the locomotives NP-1, produced by Novocherkassk electric locomotive building plant, and introducing of two-motor dump-cars in every train were the most efficient measures. It has permitted to increase velocity of the train. As a result productivity of the means of transport has increased in 2015 by 12% in comparison with the same parameter in 2013. Volume of the rock traffic in the same period has increased by 18.7%. Further perfecting of equipment, technology and organizing of railway transportation continues.

keywords Railway transport, traction aggregate, operational conditions, productivity of equipment, volume of rock traffic

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