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ArticleName Design of Lebedinsky GOK
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2017.05.01
ArticleAuthor Ten V. N.

Tsentrogiproruda Institute, Belgorod, Russia:

V. N. Ten, Head of Institute,


The article discusses performance of Tsentrogiproruda Institute (Belgorod) in engineering of production units of Lebedinsky Mining and Processing Plant (Lebedinsky GOK) : open pit mine, dumps, processing circuit, power supply, environment protection systems, etc. An emphasis is laid on development of hot-briquetted iron technology. The Institute has accomplished the mining project for Lebedinskoe and Stoilo-Lebedinskoe deposits of ferruginous quartzite. The scope of the project encompasses reconstruction of mining and transportation system in the open pit mine, with the transition from cyclical technology of ore extraction and haulage (shovel excavators–dump trucks–rehandling–railway transport) to cyclical-and-continuous technology (shovel excavators–dump trucks–crushing/rehandling terminal–conveyor transport). The reconstruction is scheduled to start in mid-2017. The transition to the cyclical-and-continuous technology will enable the open pit mine to reach the annual capacity of 53.2 Mt of ore by 2018 and to reduce operating expenditures owing to abandoning of railway transport on deep levels of the open pit. Tsentrogiproruda Institute, as the general developer of Lebedinsky GOK, pursues continuous improvement of quality of the projects implemented for the Plant.

keywords Mining and processing plant, mining industry, design solutions, construction phase, plant production output, concentrate, benefi ciation

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