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ArticleName Precision stamping line for railroad wheels of high-speed trains
ArticleAuthor C. Schmickler

Jebens GmbH (Korntal-Münchingen, Germany):

Schmickler C., CEO, e-mail:


The increased railway traffic and speed of transportation stipulates more strict requirements to the railroad equipment, and railroad wheels are among the most important components. It is known thatcast wheels can’t work under such extremal loads. Thereby, at present time forged railroad wheels present the standard of this type of railroad equipment in Germany and other European countries, in Russia, China and Japan. Schuler company, the global producer of forging equipment, conquers actively the new international markets and proposes turnkey installations for forging and rolling of such monoblock wheels. The described problem of plate manufacture for supporting frame of a 48 t press can be solved together by Schuler and Jebens GmbH.

keywords Forged wheels, high-speed trains, forming, presses, welding, forging, mould
Language of full-text russian
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